Welded Chains

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Welded Chains

Welded Chains

Armstrong Alar Corporation has been a leading provider for a wide selection of welded chains in Chicago since 1991.

Top quality welded chains from the industry experts at Armstrong Alar Corporation are commonly used for heavy duty applications and tend to be a lot stronger than weldless chains.

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Welded Chains for Wide Range of Uses

The welded chains from Armstrong Alar Corporation are available in a large variety of sizes, styles and configurations, and are ideal for a range of professional applications, including:

  • Construction
  • Rigging
  • Security
  • Hoisting
  • Towing
  • Much more

Welded chains at Armstrong Alar Chain Corporation are tested and have work load limits ranging from approximately 75 to 9,200 pounds. The types of welded chains vary from supporting smaller objects to heavy duty working load limits equivalent of lifting two pick-up trucks at one time.

Ranging Work Load Limits for Welded Chains

The types of welded chains in Chicago available through Armstrong Alar Chain Corporation include:

  • No. 80 Welded Steel Chains
  • Coil Welded Chains
  • Machine Welded Chains
  • Passing Link Welded Chains
  • Proof Coil Welded Chains

The industry experts at Armstrong Alar Chain Corporation will help you find the welded chains needed for your project, distribution or supply.

Depending on the length being purchased, most of the quality welded chains available from Armstrong Alar Chain Corporation come in boxes, in a carton, or on a reel. Our welded chains also come in bright or zinc finishes to meet your needs and preferences.

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