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Sign Hanging Chains

Sign Hanging Chains from Armstrong / Alar

Armstrong/Alar is a premier company in business to help other businesses be seen and noticed. Without proper signage, customers won’t know where your business is located or that it’s even there. Getting your company name in front of prospective customers is key in building a business, and we are here to help you do just that. Our sign hanging chains are strong, durable, and tough. They will last through every type of weather imaginable and won’t break holding heavy loads. Armstrong/Alar offers only the best quality sign hanging chains because we believe your company sign should be seen by all. Don’t settle for cheap, flimsy sign hanging chains that will fall during the first snow fall. Come to Armstrong/Alar and let us help you set up a sign using our quality sign hanging chains that will last for years to come.

Sign Hanging Chains
Sign Hanging Chains for Everything

Not a business owner but still need quality sign hanging chains? That’s great too. Our sign hanging chains are designed with everyone in mind. With a variety of sizes, weights, and shapes, anyone can use our sign hanging chains. They can be used for simple signs at home or regular small jobs too. Our sign hanging chains are that versatile.

If you have any questions about our sign hanging chains, please feel free to give us a call. We’d love to hear from you! Our number is 800-927-8549.

Tips for Using Sign Hanging Chains

As the weight of a sign increases, so should the size of the sign hanging chains. Because of this, Armstrong/Alar offers both welded and weldless chains to our customers for greater customization needs.

Hooks and s-hooks are also an important part of the sign. These help distribute the weight correctly and make using the sign hanging chains easier. Each hook is unique in its design and size, so it’s important the correct one is chosen for your specific sign.

Armstrong/Alar also does custom jobs for customers. If you have a custom job you’d like us to do, please feel free to contact us at 800-927-8549.

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