Fall protection Harnesses

For reasons we won’t ever be able to understand, fall protection safety remains a highly controversial topic among worksite workers and worksite contractors throughout the construction industry.

Considering worksite falls account for nearly 50% of all residential construction deaths and a staggering 80% of deaths in the residential roofing industry, it’s hard to believe anyone can argue against maintaining appropriate safe working conditions for their employees.

Typically, the argument is in regards to the added expense the additional safety measures can bring. Obtaining multiple fall arrest harnesses, safety railings or netting can often be costly, especially as safety compliance is pushed more and more. Worksite setup time also starts to take longer as extra safety measures are set up costing additional time and money for contractors.

At Armstrong Alar, we’re on the side of safety in all work places which is why we provide 19 different fall protection harnesses, each designed to provide maximum safety to their wearer without getting in the way. All of our fall protection harnesses meet ANSI Z359.1-2007 standards and are low cost so you can make sure you or your employees are guaranteed safe and for a fraction of the cost.

fall protection harnesses

Nearly all of our fall protection harnesses feature rear D rings for easy, out of the way tethering keeping you or your employees focused on the job without worry. In addition, some styles offer additional straps for added comfort as well as additional ring locations providing extra fall security.

With proper handling and storage, our fall protection harnesses can keep you or your employees out of danger for years to come. We understand that each company has individual needs as jobs require them, which is why we’re ready to work with you to determine which fall protection harness works best for your needs.

See our selection of fall protection harnesses here and give us a call if you have any questions at 800-927-8549.

fall protection harnesses