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Curb Chains

The original use of curb chains starts with horse tack incorporating a curb bit, which uses the curb chain. Curb chain is a flat linked chain running under the chin groove of the horse connecting to the bit. It’s main purpose was to refine the steering for riders by tightening the curb chain by removing links making the bit custom to the horse.

Curb Chains

Curb Chains in Fashion

The application for curb chain is expansive from animal training to fashion. They are commonly used in chained wallet sets because of the flat design. The curb chain would cause little discomfort if sat on. Curb chains are also commonly seen on purse straps to add metallic flare and design, while also adding structure and strength to an already thin strap. Curb chains can be seen on small hand bags and loop handles on women’s clutches as well.

Curb Chains for Pets

Curb chains are used in pet leashes and collars as a strong but flat chain that doesn’t harm the animal but also won’t fray like textile will.

Curb Chains for Jewelry

Necklaces and bracelets are other common fashion uses for curb chains that lay flat on the wearer and leave little bulge if beneath clothing.

Curb Chain Availability

Armstrong Alar carries many different sizes or gauges of curb chain, all available from our catalog. From jewelry, to pet training, to fashion accessories, curb chains are popular and versatile.

If you are a fashion designer, a pet supply manufacturer or trainer, or a jewelry or crafts maker, we can deliver the size, length, and variety of curb chains you need in single orders or in bulk.

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