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Curb Chains Retailer

Armstrong / Alar Corporation is a highly-respected curb chains retailer and distribution center for a wide range of stainless steel chains of all sizes and types, available in bulk or single sales. Curb chains are versatile and adjustable chains widely used in a large variety of industries and uses.

Curb chain was originally a flat-linked chain running under the chin groove of a horse connecting to the bit. Its main purpose was to refine the steering for riders. Tightening the curb chain by removing links made the bit a custom fit to the horse.

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Curb Chains Retailer

Professional Curb Chains Retailer

The applications for curb chain are expansive, from animal training to fashion.  Armstrong / Alar Corporation is a curb chain retailer with any kind of configuration or order size you need to ti your application.

Curb Chains in Fashion

  • Chained wallet sets
  • Purse straps


Curb Chains for Pet Products

  • Leashes
  • Collars


Curb Chains for Jewelry

  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
Curb Chain Availability

Armstrong Alar carries any size or gauge of curb chains and accessories you will ever need for your application and use, no matter what the industry, size of chains or order, or style. From jewelry, to pet training, to fashion accessories, curb chains are popular, attractive, and versatile.

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