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ChainsAt Armstrong / Alar Chain Corporation we produce several types of chains, each with their own maximum weight. The chain grades that we produce are all listed specifically to their purpose and maximum weight. When selecting Armstrong / Alar Chain, there are 3 considerations: grade of chain, diameter of chain, and coil. If you have any questions on each one of these considerations when purchasing our chain, feel free to call us at: 800-927-8549 for more information.

Our Chain Materials

We provide multiple types of chain materials, each metal used has their own advantages. Our fabrication facilities use the highest quality materials for our chain.

  • Stainless Steel Chains – Armstrong / Alar Chain Corporation supplies Stainless Steel Chain for all purpose use such as: Marine, Architectural, and Industrial. Stainless Steel Chain is very strong and highly resistant to rusting, this is perfect for marine scenarios.
  • Galvanized Steel Chains – This chain material is best used for applications that require constant corrosion resistance. Galvanized Steel Chains work best for salt water. If your chain needs to remain underwater for long periods of time, Galvanized Steel Chains will be your best solution.
  • Steel Chains – The most common high strength chain, used for general-purpose applications. Steel Chain is normally a general utility chain for farm or industrial use. Dependent on the grade of the chain, the purpose will change.
  • Brass Chains – Very strong chains, this chain is slightly resistant to corrosion and germicidal.

Chain Grades used at Armstrong / Alar Chain Corporation

When talking about chain grade, this refers to the tensile strength on that specific chain. Tensile strength is measurement of the force needed for chain failure. Having a higher tensile strength in chain will provide more weight or force possible before the break point.

Here are the chain grades available at Armstrong / Alar Chain Corporation:

  • Grade 30 Chain – This grade chain will be for general purpose, suggested to not be used for overhead lifting.
  • Grade 40 Chain – Similar strength to grade 43 chain, but smaller diameter. Not to be used for overhead lifting.
  • Grade 43 Chain – High strength chain, used for tie down applications, such as transportation tie downs. This should not be used for overhead lifting.
  • Grade 70 Chain – This is a high strength chain, not used for overhead lifting. Like grade 43 chain this is normally used as a transportation chain.
  • Grade 80 Chain – With this chain it is ideal for overhead lifting or heavy duty towing.
  • Grade 100 Chain – A 25% higher tensile strength than grade 80 chain, this chain is ideal for overhead lifting or heavy duty towing.

At Armstrong / Alar Chain Corporation we manufacture and sell quality USA made stainless steel chain, steel chain, galvanized chain, and brass chain. If you would like more information on our types of chains or would like any more information on our bulk discounted chain please feel free to call our number at 800-927-8549.

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