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Bead Chain

Bead Chain

Armstrong / Alar Corporation has been providing industrial bead chain and related accessories for over 20 years. Bead chain are available in bulk or can be fabricated to specific lengths of chains customized to fit your job’s needs and requirements.

Each type of bead chain is designed for specific uses with a maximum weight it can hold before stressing and eventually breaking. Let the experienced professionals at Armstrong / Alar help determine and supply exactly what you need for your specifications at a reasonable price and in a timely manner.

Call Armstrong / Alar at 847-808-8885 or toll free at 800-927-8549. Let one of our experienced professionals help make sure you are provided with the right bead chain for your job.

Bead Chain in Variety of Sizes and Styles

Armstrong / Alar offers beaded chains in a large variety of sizes and styles, available in bulk, on spools or in hanks, or assembled to the required end fittings of your particular job. We can supply or special order any size or shape beaded chains that are adaptable to the beaded style if ordered in quantity.

We are committed to providing quality bead chains and/or cable related products at competitive prices with fast and dependable service. Armstrong / Alar understands the importance for fast turnaround times, and our experienced and knowledgeable professionals place a high priority when working with your project schedules and deadlines.

Bead Chain for Your Industrial Job or Project

At Armstrong / Alar Corporation, it is important that our customers are getting the materials and service to fit their needs. Let us help make sure you are provided with the proper bead chain for your job. For immediate assistance, call 847-808-8885 or toll free at 800-927-8549.

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