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Aircraft Cables You Need

Aircraft CableArmstrong/Alar Chain Corporation is now carrying Aircraft Cable in both stainless steel cable as well as galvanized aircraft cable. Aircraft Cable is ideal for situations such as aircraft control that need high tensile strength. Most commercial grade aircraft cable cannot be used for aircraft controls, but this aircraft cable is used in more general purposes such as slings, winch lines, non-aircraft control cables, stage rigging and more. Armstrong/Alar Chain Corporations Aircraft Cable is high quality USA manufactured and reliable. Galvanized Aircraft Cable and Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable both perform very well, but stainless steel aircraft cable is a much more versatile aircraft cable. If you would like more information on our aircraft cables you can contact us at 800-927-8549.

Quality Aircraft Cables

At Armstrong/Alar Chain Corporation we make sure each grade of aircraft cables are manufactured with the greatest build quality. With stainless steel aircraft cables be worry free as they are corrosion resistant. The stainless steel aircraft cables are considered the highest quality you can buy with many different rated corrosion resistance and tensile strength. The Stainless steel aircraft cable tests at the same pulling strength as galvanized, but with the stainless coating this aircraft cable will last much longer in corrosive conditions such as salt water, extreme cold and extreme heat.

Types of Aircraft Cables

There are two types of stainless steel aircraft cable available with Armstrong / Alar Chain Corporation, 316 stainless steel aircraft cable and 302/304 stainless steel aircraft cable. The highest resistance stainless steel aircraft cable is the 316, however the 302 and 304 both have a higher tensile strength rating.

Our aircraft cables at Armstrong / Alar Chain Company are perfect if you need aircraft cable for any general-purpose applications such as using them for slings, winch lines, heavy towing, hoisting non-aircraft control cables, or stage rigging. If you have any questions or would like more information on our aircraft cables give us a call at 800-927-8549.

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