About Us

If you are interested in bulk purchasing any of our products or need to place a customized order, please call us at 800-927-8549 for immediate support.

Armstrong / Alar is a supplier of all types of chains large & small, in bulk or cut lengths, for sign hanging and many other display needs and has been a supplier of chains, cables, wire rope, hooks, fasteners and accessories since 1991.

Our fabricating department is well known for its accuracy and quick turnaround time on producing chain kits for the P.O.P. industry.

Armstrong / Alar's chain kit includes chain, s-hooks, ceiling hanging hardware, or any other components your job may call for.

Armstrong / Alar's, primary business is industrial chains, welded and weldless chains, ball or beaded chains, galvanized aircraft cables, wire rope, floating polypropylene rope, and related attachments such as snaps, links, hooks, wire rope kits and accessories such as wire rope clips, wire rope thimbles, turnbuckles and shackles. Our product line also includes powder coated chain, s-hooks, and custom sign hanging brackets for your color coordinated projects.

We also offer a variety of plating finishes from black oxide to zinc. Our new line of sign hanging chain & s-hooks is offered in more than 150 colors to match any job you are working on.

For expert assistance, please contact us here or give us a call at 800-927-8549 for immediate support!