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Armstrong Alar offers many varying types of beaded chains. Chains are our specialty, and beaded chains are one of the many types of chains that we offer. We create our beaded chains in brass, stainless steel, or plain steel, and we offer them in any typical chain size. If you are looking for the highest quality beaded chain lengths out there, Armstrong Alar is the supplier and manufacturer to come to. If you are in need of our beaded chain services, please give us a call at 1-847-808-8885, or use the contact form on the right to get information on any products, or to simply reach out to us.

What sizes of beaded chains do you offer?

We offer many sizes of beaded chains. Our beaded chains are labeled as numbers. The higher the number, the bigger the beads and the weight of the chain. The lengths of the chain are different depending on the weight as well. Our lengths of beaded chain come in as little as 250 ft. to up to 1000 Brassft. The higher the length, the less size and weight the beads are. There are many bead sizes we offer, and you should be able to easily find a beaded chain that can suit your needs.

Do you offer any attachments or similar options for your beaded chains?

We do. We offer the following attachments for beaded chains:

  • Type "A" Couplings
    • Used primarily to splice beaded chains. Can be offset at different angles
  • Type "B" Couplings
    • Used to connect two ends of a beaded chain and make them endless
  • Type "D" Couplings
    • Has all of the functionality of the Type “A” coupling, but can be offset at angles up to 140°.
  • "A" Hooks
    • Combined with the “A” coupling, you can attach the “A” Hook and use it to hang and retain smaller objects
At Armstrong Alar, we have the attachments and beaded chains to suit your personal needs. Contact us today at 1-847-808-8885, or you can use the contact form on the right to get information on parts, or you can simply reach us there as well.

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