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Galvanized Aircraft Cables

Galvanized Aircraft CablesOne of the many products available from Armstrong-Alar Chain Corporation is our galvanized aircraft cables. These galvanized aircraft cables are an excellent alternative to stainless steel aircraft cables, as the galvanized steel is a much cheaper material that results in a lower cost aircraft cable.

Galvanized aircraft cables are perfect for moderate climates or usage conditions, but are not as suitable for more extreme conditions. Stainless steel aircraft cable is a good choice as opposed to galvanized aircraft cables if the usage will be subjected to more extreme climate conditions.

As with all of our products, we want your safety to come first, so if you have questions about which type of aircraft cables are right for your application, give us a call at 800-927-8549. One of our experts would be happy to try and understand your needs or help you place an order for any of our chain or cable products.

A Large Variety of Galvanized Aircraft Cables

At Armstrong-Alar Chain Corporation, we understand that there is no such thing as one size fits all for aircraft cables. That is why we offer many different strands, sizes, and tensile strengths for both our stainless steel and our galvanized aircraft cables.

Each of our cables is available in 1x7 strand, 1x19 strand, 7x7 strand, and 7x19 strand, with cable sizes between 1/32” and 3/8”. And with tensile strengths (breaking strengths) ranging anywhere from 120 pounds to 14,400 pounds, we’re sure that we have the aircraft cable you need for your application.

Whether you need galvanized steel cable or stainless steel, we have what you need. We here at Armstrong-Alar Chain Corporation are happy to serve your needs whether they be for personal, business, or retail use. Call us at 800-927-8549 to learn more about our galvanized aircraft cables.

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