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Chain kits from Armstrong Alar are available now for purchase and we can accomodate almost any size order and have it delivered anywhere in the U.S.

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Chain Kits from Armstrong Alar

Chain KitsArmstrong Alar Chain Corporation out fits one of the largest selection of chain grades, the tensile strength in these chains can be used for general purpose to overhead lifting or heavy duty towing. There are multiple selections of chain kits, S-Hooks, Sign Hanging Hardware, T-Bar Hooks and more.

S-Hook Chain Kits

S-Hooks in our chain kits are used for multiple purposes from outdoor to marine applications, joining lightweight chain, easy removal from ropes and chains. Keep in mind the chain kits have different types of S-Hooks are used for different applications according to their variation and weight limitations. S-hooks are a versatile chain hook, a low-tech solution for storage in use with shelving, ceiling hooks, and even storage rails. There are many industries that use chain kits S-Hooks for safety and OSHA Standards such as:

  • Industrial construction & Maintenance
  • Manufacturing
  • Storage and Warehousing
  • Oil Companies
  • Mining Industries

Our chain kits come in minimum bulk quantities depending on the chain kits purchased, if you would like more information call us at 800-927-8549.

Zinc Plated – Black Oxide Chain Kits

The T-Bar Hooks from Armstrong Alar Chain Corporation come plated with Zinc enhancing the longevity and performance of steel. Without Zinc coatings on our chain kits T-Bar Hooks or any steel, the steel is susceptible to corrosion. Our Zinc coatings on T-Bar hooks provide a physical barrier giving optimal performance under exposure to harsh conditions. Barrier protected steel on our chain kits T-Bar Hooks prevents moisture from contacting the steel, without the moisture there is no corrosion. Using our Black Oxide on T-Bar Hooks add corrosion resistance, as well as a nice visual appearance.

Armstrong Alar Chain Corporation will help you find the chain kits you need for your own personal situation.

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